St Clare's Catholic School Burdell


The St Clare's library is a dynamic space designed for contemporary learning.  The flexible design caters for a variety of activities including STEM, small group work, regular class borrowing, lunchtime games, quiet reading, meetings and special events such as book fairs, author visits, programs, and professional development.  Book Week, with its whole school read-out, dress-up parade and "loving literature" activities, is a highlight on the school calendar.  

The library staff are committed to creating a welcoming, supportive environment where a love of reading and learning is fostered.  Students from Year 5 and 6 assist significantly with this through the Library Monitor program.  

Students, parents and staff can access our school resources catalogue from school and home.  Students in Years 3-6 can login to read e-books and use the online databases and associated links for research.  

Click here to access St Clare's Library Catalogue. 


Principal: Miss Kath Tarttelin

Burdell Drive
Burdell 4818

P: (07) 4760 6900
F: (07) 4774 3489

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We are in week 7 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019