St Clare's Catholic School Burdell

Behavior Management

Code of Behaviour

At St Clare’s Catholic School, behavioural support is seen as guiding, leading, encouraging, and demonstrating Christian behaviour within a framework of Christian values. We encourage and recognise positive behaviour in order to develop a child’s sense of self-worth, belonging and well-being through awards, rewards and verbal praise. We also consistently apply rules and consequences for misbehaviour in order to ensure our school is a safe, fair and respectful community. At the beginning of each term, teachers revise the school’s Code of Behaviour with the children and also develop and revise classroom rules.


Principal: Mrs Helen Wade

Burdell Drive
Burdell 4818

P: (07) 4760 6900
F: (07) 4774 3489

Absent Line: (07) 4760 6999

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We are in week 2 of school holidays
Term 4 starts Tuesday 04 October 2022