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School Houses

St Clare’s Catholic School has four sports houses which are named after significant leaders within the Catholic Church at the time of the opening of the school. 

The houses include:

MacKillop (Orange)

Blessed Mary MacKillop was canonised St Mary of the Cross MacKillop in 2010 in the year in which the first sod of soil was turned to begin the construction of St Clare’s Catholic School.  St Mary of the Cross is also our first Australian saint.

St Mary of the Cross MacKillop was a colonial Australian born in 1842 and the founding religious leader of the Sisters of St Joseph, the first Australian religious order for sisters. Greatly influenced by Father Julian Tennyson Woods, Mary opened the first St Joseph’s School in a disused stable in Penola, South Australia in 1866.  Other young women came to join Mary and so the congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph began. Bishop Shiel, the bishop of Adelaide asked Mary to start another school in Adelaide. From there the sisters spread in small groups to small outback settlements, larger cities and wherever there was a need around Australia, New Zealand and today in Peru, Brazil and refugee camps in Uganda and Thailand.  May and her sisters had a profound influence on forming Catholic Education as we know it today. Mary also opened orphanages and providences to care for the homeless and derelict, young and old. Mary always had a deep longing to give basic education and human dignity to the poor.

Throughout her life, Mary was challenged by those who tried to undermine her work and wrongly accused her from both within and without the church.  Mary stood steadfastly to her beliefs managing trouble and suffering with a deep trust in God.  She always readily forgave those who wronged her. Mary died in 1909.

Benedict (Yellow)

Pope Benedict XVI is current pontiff and the 265th Pope of the Catholic Church.

Joseph Ratzinger was born in Germany in 1927 in a home which supported education and faith. His upbringing prepared him for the harsh experience of the Nazi regime during which he witnessed the Nazis persecuting Catholic priests. It was precisely because of this situation that he discovered the beauty and truth of faith in Christ. Joseph Ratzinger was ordained in 1951 and began teaching in 1952, beginning an illustrious career in theology and knowledge giving him important positions in universities and the Church. He was the President of the Preparatory Commission for the Catechism of the Catholic Church which is in use today. He was elected Pope in 2005. His episcopal motto is “Co-operators of the truth” as he believes that in today’s world, the theme of truth is often overlooked, as something too great for man, and yet everything collapses if truth is missing. Pope Benedict has a special love for cats and is well known around Rome for stopping to chat with and feed strays. 

Putney (Blue)

Bishop Michael Putney was the fifth bishop of Townsville and was the holy leader of the diocese.

Bishop Michael Putney was born in Gladstone in 1946.  He was educated at St Joseph’s School, The Strand, attended Our Lady’s Mount Secondary School and completed his education in Brisbane.  As a young boy, Bishop Michael wanted to be a priest and he was ordained in 1969.  He became an auxiliary Bishop in 1995 and in 2001 became the Bishop of the Townsville Diocese. 

Bishop Michael Putney passed away in 2014. He is remembered for his special love for children and his interest in ecumenism.

Setter (Green)

Fr Giles Setter is the parish priest of St Anthony’s Parish

Father Giles Setter was born in Melbourne and joined the Franciscan Order while in his twenties.  Fr Giles is well known and respected for the way in which he lives out the special way of St Francis.  Fr Giles has been involved in the education of young people through his broad experience in setting up new schools within his parish.  His vibrancy and enthusiasm for education within the Franciscan charism has been the keystone for the success of the schools within his parishes both in Australia and overseas, particularly in Singapore. 


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