St Clare's Catholic School Burdell

Athletics Carnival 2021

13 July

2021 Interhouse Athletics Carnival   Friday 16 July 2021 Townsvil...

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2021 Inter-House Swimming Carnival

28 January


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COVID-19 update

13 March

COVID-19 Update – A special message from the Principal for Paren...

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Enhancing Catholic School Identity

12 March

Every few years Catholic schools across Australia undertake extensive ...

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Welcome to St Clare's Catholic School, Burdell

Experience St Clare's 

St Clare’s Catholic School, serving the growing Northern Beaches area of the city. A co-educational school, St Clare’s offers Kindergarten through to Year 6 in a welcoming and inclusive community environment. St Clare's Catholic School belongs to the St Anthony's Parish. Along with St Francis, St Clare is one of the founders of the Franciscan movement that has been part of the Catholic Church's life since the early 13th century. St Clare's Catholic School follows the Franciscan spirituality that stresses simplicity, humility, dependence on God, a love for the poor, and finding God in others and the natural world.

The school’s motto is, ‘Be a Clear Light’ and together staff, families, students and the parish community work tirelessly to make the school a unique and dynamic place that welcomes everyone and helps each individual realise their fullest potential. The school community is supportive and encouraging, creating an environment with a strong sense of belonging for students.


Principal: Mrs Helen Wade

Burdell Drive
Burdell 4818

P: (07) 4760 6900
F: (07) 4774 3489

Absent Line: (07) 4760 6999

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We are in week 8 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Monday 07 February 2022