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Learning & Teaching Framework

Learning & Teaching Framework

Our Catholic school communities believe all learners are created in the image of God and viewed as unique individual learners who are supported to achieve their highest potential.

Our schools are committed to providing high quality learning and teaching through the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. Every student must develop strong literacy and numeracy skills in their earliest years of schooling, and go on to develop broad and deep knowledge across a range of curriculum areas.  

• confident and creative individuals

• successful lifelong learners

• active and informed members of the community.

Teachers have high expectations of all learners and implement effective evidence-based pedagogy that leads to student growth.   

We believe that learning happens best within supportive partnerships in which learners feel valued, connected and engaged in their learning. Schools create an inviting and inclusive learning environment that dignifies all learners.

Philosophy of the Pedagogical Framework

The philosophy of our Pedagogical Framework is a set of connected beliefs which underpin and inform how we approach our profession, and also considers how learners are best taught. The philosophy represents our positions about the role of the educator, learner responsibilities, and the methods and theories utilised by our teachers.

Pedagogical Framework